Studio Sessions

An introductory course includes a full postural assessment and personal programme tailored specifically towards your needs. The course is taught on a one to one basis which will allow you to become familiar with the exercises and the equipment.


On completion of the course you will be able to continue with your personal programme, working within a small group, whilst at the same time progressing towards a more advanced level. All studio sessions are under supervision.


If you prefer you could start with a 'try out session' where you will learn a combination of mat work and equipment exercises.


To book a class call: 020 8365 3567

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Why are Studio Sessions different from Mat Classes

  • Working on the Pilates equipment adds an extra dimension to the mat work as you are able to perform a greater variety of exercises
  • The exercises help to increase bone density and muscle mass as you work constantly against resistance
  • On the reformer machine you can do a complete body work-out whilst keeping the spine fully supported
  • The reformer can also correct misalignment of the feet through a series of specific exercises
  • Studio Sessions are particularly beneficial for those needing special attention due to injury and any muscle or joint problems

Karen Smith

The Pilates Studio

New London Performing Arts Centre

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Tel: 020 8365 3567