The Studio

The Pilates Studio is fitted with some of the latest American equipment which has been especially designed to compliment the basic exercises learned during the mat classes. The equipment enables a greater variety of exercises to be undertaken.


Situated on the second floor the studio is light and airy. The relaxing atmosphere, with soothing background music, lends itself to the general feeling of exercising the Pilates way. No high impact joint crunching or racing to keep up with the beat of the thumping music. Just controlled exercises backed by years of experience and results.



Established in 1999 this studio focuses on custom-made Pilates rather than ‘one size fits all'.  All our teachers have had exceptional training and hold fully recognised certificates.


A high proportion of our clients have been referred by their physiotherapist or osteopath and we sometimes liaise with their practitioner to discuss their individual needs. Before starting your first class your instructor will ask you to complete an enrolment form that asks a series of questions about your medical history, current health, fitness and objectives. They will then assess your posture and begin to devise a programme for your particular needs. This will be developed and adapted as your body gradually improves and the instructor will continue to work with you as you progress and feel the benefits.


Why not give us a call and arrange to come to see the studio in action.