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Iphigenia Leoussi


“I get up, I walk, I fall down… meanwhile I keep dancing!”


For me this sentence holds the essence of life. Not only because I love dancing but because I see life as a dance! Movement has always been extremely important to me and that is why I enjoy teaching people “to move” through Pilates.

I used to be a professional dancer that came across Pilates in a rehabilitation studio after yet another dance injury.


Pilates made sense to me! The body is a unit. Every muscle, ligament, bone need to work together so that the body is in harmony, in balance and it can move healthily.


I trained in London under the Pilates Foundation in both Matwork and Pilates equipment in 2003 and continued my journey of understanding the body in depth by studying Sports Massage.

I have experience working with people of all ages from 13 to 93 and love to adapt to peoples needs.


I believe that Pilates is an intelligent and very unique method of exercising that everyone regardless of age or ability can benefit from.



Sandra Canty


Sandra qualified as a Pilates Teacher in 2002 with Body Control Pilates. She teaches mat work classes and studio equipment and has also done specific courses in anti and post-natal pregnancy, osteoporosis and scoliosis. She has been teaching with Karen Smith Pilates since 2006.




 Charles Abbott


Charles has been teaching at Karen Smith Pilates since 2009.  He completed a 2-year comprehensive teacher training programme and graduated with the Pilates Foundation UK. Charles is fully qualified to teach both Pilates matwork and equipment classes.  His training in anatomy supports a keen interest in postural problems. Using carefully-selected Pilates exercises, he helps his clients to improve their posture, reduce back pain, recover from injury or surgery and to deal with many musculo-skeletal issues.


Passionate about Pilates, Charles believes it is an ideal way for anyone to keep fit, supple, strong and prevent injury.  His classes promote alignment and elongation, working to strengthen the body without building bulky muscles.

Charles welcomes working with any client - no matter how stiff, weak, flexible or strong.  Above all, he believes that Pilates should be enjoyable and tries to ensure that his clients find it a positive, enlightening experience and are left with a sense of satisfaction and well-being.



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