Frequently Asked Questions


How often should I do Pilates?

One or two times a week preferably. Like any form of exercise, consistency is the key to give the body a chance to build up strength. You will progress further and faster the less time there is between sessions.


How soon will I see and feel the results of Pilates?

This depends on your own level of fitness and how often you practise Pilates. After a few sessions you should notice an improvement in your posture. Eventually your ‘core’ muscles will gain strength and your flexibility and mobility will improve.


Is it safe to do Pilates during pregnancy?

First of all you consult your physician. If you have experienced a miscarriage previously you may prefer to wait three months before starting. Pilates is extremely beneficial during pregnancy and will be tailored to your needs and level of comfort. It is also great for re-conditioning the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles after the birth.


Which is more effective, the mat work or classes on the equipment?

Both are equally effective. The mat work was developed by Joseph Pilates prior to inventing the equipment. He believed it to be the ‘method’ in its purest form. However for rehabilitation and specific back problems the resistance of the machines help to support you through the movements. Additionally, the level of resistance can be altered to challenge the body more if needed.


Will Pilates help me to lose weight?

Although Pilates is not aimed specifically at losing weight many people have lost inches particularly from their stomach and legs. This is due to the toning effect it has which creates longer, leaner muscles.


Am I too old for Pilates?

There is no age limit. We have clients ranging from 12 to eighty something! The classes can be adapted to suit any age or ability.


What should I wear?

Something that allows your body to move freely. Nothing too baggy though as your teacher will need to observe your body as you move. No shoes are needed, just socks.


I have a back problem, is it safe to practise Pilates?

Before your first session any physical problems will be discussed with the teacher. In some cases we may liaise with your osteopath or physiotherapist. After your postural assessment the class will be tailored to your needs.


How does Pilates differ from Yoga?

Pilates focuses more on toning and strengthening the core muscles, which in turn protects the spine.


The Pilates method

How does Pilates differ from other exercises?

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